Friday, October 16, 2009

Slice of Life Oct. 16

Outside my window...I finally can see the sun! It has been raining for so long. What a gorgeous fall day.

I am thinking...I wish I got more moments in time to just rest and recuperate from the dailies of life, however I miss the hustle and bustle of my little girls.

I am thankful family always being there in the small and big moments; my students who are embracing their inner writer and surprising me daily with their mini-lessons for me when I confer with them; the person who nominated me for teacher of the year--ah inspiring to be thought of my such a great staff; my girls are healthy.

From the dr.pepper and my new favorite snack--kettle corn

I am wearing...pajama pants and big t-shirt.

I am outline for my entry one of my national boards.

I am enjoy my favorite shows...I deserve a little quiet time.

I am reading...Eclipse: book 3 of the twilight series and starting to read The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins.

I am hoping...everyone stays healthy in my family.

I am hearing...the sound of airplanes flying overhead as they prepare to land at the local airport.

Around the house...the sound of silence. Girls are with their daddy today and I am enjoying it, but also glad that they will be home soon.