Friday, March 26, 2010

Slice of Life 26/31

Today was blue box day. I copied all four entries. Put the copies in a safe place at school. Drove to the UPS store and handed over my school life. Just like that. I feel so relieved that the process is complete. It is in the assessor's hands, but to hand over my box to someone I did not know after I slaved over the analysis and reflection was more difficult than I expected to be. In fact, as I drove out of the parking lot one tear slid down my cheek. My life can go back to normal....if I even know what that is.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slice of Life 25/31

Really feel as if I am 100 lbs lighter,
Especially now that all entries are complete,
Letting go of the BOX,
I am so proud of my work,
Everything is as it should be now,
Freedom to write what I want.

Dear Slicers,

I am sorry I abandoned you on the journey this year, but I have been working on my National Boards, AND THEY ARE FINISHED!!! I will be joining you for the last week and look forward to reading many of your entries.

Missing Slicing and glad to be back,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slice of Life 2/31 Dream Sweet

Baths are finished,
hair combed,
footy pajamas slipped on.

"Brush teeth," signs Emma,
running to the wash room,
standing on the stool.

Humming while they brush,
giggling as they watch each other,
sisterhood in action.

"Read book", cries Gracie,
hop on elmo,
blankets pulled high.

Pages wisping,
"again, again," they say,
echoing my words.

Tuck, tuck them in,
star song sung,
"Dream sweet, my mommy!"

Heart melts,
who knew love so strong,
God watch over them and
dream sweet.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Slice of Life Day1~Relieved Headache

It seems like there have been several storms brewing in our kingdom and today it hit! I received a noticed from Paypal that I had renewed a subscription. Never did I receive an email about, so I quickly sent an email explaining the circumstances. All the while thinking I will never see that money again; it evaporated into Cyber space. I sent the email 6 hours ago and I just heard the nice ding from my laptop that I had mail and sitting there in my beloved inbox. REFUND established! Yea! Thank you cyber glad my money is back safe and sound and ready to be spent on doctor bills!!