Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Unstuck: Letter to my Future Self

One thing I have come to realize about life is it just keeps us going our merry way. Right now as I prep for testing in my little classroom and all the other that is the hustle and bustle of life, I was reminded by Ali that I need to stop for myself and just savor the moment. So this is me getting unstuck...

Dear Lynnelle,

Here is it February! 2010 has started off with a big bang! Another big snow storm, Gracie cutting ALL of her hair off. You should be laughing now, but just as a reminder you only smirked in 2010! You were quite disappointed that she wouldn't have pictures made. Hopefully, you decided to put chopped bangs aside and get the pics anyway because it could make for some good blackmail when she's 16. :-)

As you read this in 2011, I remind you this year was the year of PASSION. I am very proud of you for pursuing your National Board Certification and I hope you are spending that extra money you earned when you found out you passed in Nov. 2010. I pray that you were able to transition from your core classroom to the special education classroom. I believe that is where your heart and passion lie. When Emma was born you changed. Changed from a new mommy even. You changed into a whole different kind of momma. A mother of a daughter who lives with in Down syndrome. Now every time you look into the classroom you wish you were the teacher to the child with a disability. I hope you were able to earn the position that would put you into the passionate position of special education at your school.

Another PASSION you pursued was advocacy. Whether it was local or even teaching your students how to be self-advocates I am sure you learned many truths on this journey.

And last, PASSION with your girls. You are crazy about them. They are all you think about. I know often times you question yourself: Are you a good single mom? Are you teaching them what it means to be a good person?--I know you are because each day you live for them. To help them. To give to them.

Remember you are loved and you are one passionate girl!


Synthesis and Summarizing

One of my classes is working on understanding a nonfiction text and leaving tracks of their thinking. We used a great book about Jackie Robinson--Teammates. We practiced as class for the first half of the book. For the second half the students tried it on their own and then shared with the class. The next day we tried reading about Paul Revere and the first battle of the Revolution. Much to my amazement I heard this, "This is the coolest way to learn ever!!" Love it!! Learning can be fun!!