Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flooding with Teachers

On Monday, my classroom will be trying something relatively new. I noticed last week there was not enough of me to go around during conferring time. They were excited about their essays and wanted to confer, but I wasn't able to get to them. So on Monday I am "flooding" my classroom with teachers for my students to confer with. Three other teachers will be coming into my room to confer with students. I have identified some that I was not able to meet with last week and those that need to meet again. We will be looking for the following

  1. Are the thesis statement and topic sentences clear and concise?
  2. Are the mini-stories supporting the topic sentences?
  3. Does each story end with a restatement of the topic sentence?
  4. What other ways do you feel you can grow your essay?
My students loved being able to talk with their writing partner and with me and I found this time was very valuable. I hated to not provide everyone an opportunity to visit with a teacher and hopefully my solution will help identify any problems they are still having with building the frame of their essays.

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