Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trapped At Home

I have always wanted to be a stay at home however the powers that be have not yet allowed me to win the lottery (perhaps I should by a ticket). So, today was Day 3 of being iced in with my 4 year old and almost 2 year old and I realize I am a trapped-at-home mom. I am yearning for the ability to leave the house even if it is just to get French Fries at McDonald's, but the roads are so slick that I don't feel as though I can put us at risk for an accident. So, we continue to color, watch Sesame Street (thank goodness for our DVR), and try to keep Emma from attacking Gracie. Isn't this a dream come true?

Gracie some how found a broken piece of glass. I have not broken anything, but yet she found a piece. She comes crying to me, "MOMMA!" I look down and see a trail of blood. Her fingers are spread as if she has cut off one of them off. I clean her up and realize the "cut" is very small.

I am supermom! I know how to fix this. I bet if I give her a band-aid it will stop the screaming oh, I mean crying.

Off we go! Found the perfect band-aid. Attach it. Kiss it and low and behold she cries harder! I am astounded!! I thought band-aids were the cure all for almost anything. The last thing I know to fix this situation is the ever loved sippy, so we trot into the kitchen and I give it too her. Astonished this does not fix the Gracie's alligator tears are coming so fast she has soaked the edge of her pjs. I pick her up again worried that perhaps there is another piece of glass stuck somewhere. Suddenly the crying stops. "Momma," she says calmly. I look at her as she hands me the band-aid she has ripped off and I take it. Silence. Perfect bliss with her sippy in hand and band-aid gone. I sigh and think perhaps is it time for all of US to go to bed.

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