Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing Thesis Statements

As I mentioned last night, my thesis statement lesson went great! I modeled for them my process. Then as I was "touring" the room, nudging those that needed help I realized what I was missing from my thesis statement. Tonight I will use my thesis statement and make a frame for my essay.

My thesis for my personal essay

People should look at others and see only a person who has a heart and soul, not our differences.

Our class essay will be

West Intermediate is a fun school.

We will frame this together after we look at mine and then they will work on their own to frame their essay.

I have to say I am was not a fan of the essay, but I really like the way Lucy has us teaching it. I feel like it is still connecting to them instead of answering a bunch of prompts. We will work on prompt writing, but only 2 weeks before the test.

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