Thursday, March 12, 2009

Challenge #12~It's Raining!"

Today was Emma's first dental appointment so I took the day off. It started out marvelous because the girls slept in until 8 AM. As we got up and started to the kitchen Emma looked out the back glass door. "Momma, it's raining!" Emma yelled. I turned to look and those raindrops were actually fluffy white snowflakes. "That is called Snow Emma," I replied. We all ran to Emma's side to watch flakes fall on the grass. My heart warmed as my two girls hugged each other yelling, "It's raining!" Spring has obviously been put on hold, but it is warm with love in our house.


  1. Had they never seen snow before? I am not sure...All I know about OK weather is "tornado!!"

  2. I am SO ready for Spring. If they can pretend or even think it is rain instead of snow...more power to them!!!