Saturday, March 14, 2009

Challenge 14~Shoe Shopping~

I have always thought that shoe shopping was a fun thing UNTIL I had children. Today I took the girls to Stride Rite to be fitted for new tennis shoes and Spring dress shoes. It was a mad house!! Babies crying, mommys wishing they could cry and the heat must have been cranked up to 80 degrees. Every time I requested a particular shoe they were always out of the girls' size. Exasperated the clerk said, "Look just get the more expensive shoes and be done with it! I know you want the sale shoes, but they don't have any in their size."

"Well, can I get a discount then?" I asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

So 10 minutes later we were checking out leaving the crying, yelling and other chaos behind to enjoy some well deserved frosties and Wendy's.

Note to Self: Never be a kids shoe clerk.


  1. One day I have to write a post about "Stan the Shoe Man." He was a legend in Central NJ when I was a kid. My gosh... that's an MM piece right there since he used to have us come back for "check ups" three weeks after the shoes were purchased.

  2. I have always loved shoes until the last few weeks as we are looking for shoes for my daughter to wear with her wedding gown. How can it be so hard?

  3. For me shoe shopping is thrilling but then I just take care of me. Bravo to your expertise

  4. I'm a bit surprised by the clerks remark. You captured it well. I felt the frustration on both sides. I wish I had an endless shoe shopping budget.