Saturday, March 21, 2009

Challenge #21~Heart Pains~

I know that my marriage is over and I have grieved that moment, but we have tried hard to make sure that we dissolved a marriage and not a family. We did not want to make our children feel as if our issues were more important than them. At almost a year post separation I believe the picture below speaks volumes. I have no idea if my girls will understand our decision when they are older. Hopefully, they will see 2 parents who despite their faults, knew they were good parents. I have never said he wasn't a good Daddy. I know our girls feel loved. Today, I was able to capture it. Sigh. It makes my heartache not of pain, but of love. Love for my family.


  1. What a challenge to see ourselves as a family after the parents separate. Your piece captures the best of what we could do a single parents. Wishing you all well in this journey.

  2. You are on a journey that many have traveled on, but none lightly. Your family has love for each other and you have respect for your children's father and that is amazing.


  3. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL picture honey. I admire your strength in this.