Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Challenge #25~Conversation~

"What do you mean you are purposely taking other laptops?" I asked my fifth grade students.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as I realized they only wanted to see what would happen if they crossed the line.

"Well, I suppose we should all put up the laptops and instead of taking the tutorial to study for our test we will complete a worksheet," I stated.

Worksheets in my room are the signal of death. The hush of the classroom deafened my ears. Their heads began to hang as I passed out the 4 page study guide over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

After 20 minutes, I asked the students to put their pencils down and to come to the carpet for a meeting. Instead of reaming them out again we discussed a possible solution to the behavior that occurs during transition time. It took about 8 minutes from their recess, but we all felt better afterward.

Hoping tomorrow's transition between classes and subjects goes better, if not there is always ice cream to make the day better!


  1. It's funny how addicted even the younger set can be to their computers. I hated it when mine went on the fritz in January (turned out the computer was fine, the cable company was whacked out) and I had to cobble together computer use and time.

    I think that's a good idea, though, for they Get The Picture. And the ice cream? That's for you--not them, right?


  2. I understand and applaud you as well. Bravo teacher!