Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Challenge #3~Poetry~

My favorite unit: poetry. Today we are going to immerse ourselves in writing. We all listen to the words of the poems, some whispered, some silent and some real loud. The fluid words echo in out of my ears as if I am swaying in the breeze. The language speaks to my heart and my writer's hands are jealous that my words don't sound so sweet. After months of us writing together on our new journey, they still don't quite trust me. Yet after the 3 days of immersion they are guessing at what writing poetry is as if they have never attempted to write before. Leaving me frustrated, empty and yet knowing they can succeed and will accomplish this new path on our writing journey. Poetry~music to the soul, but difficult to put into the words. As we discuss what poetry is and finally someone says, "It's the words that flow from your heart into someone else's heart!" Ahhh...the art of writing said by a fifth grader. Words on paper that speak to you, in order that they speak to another.

Tomorrow I try again...a new poem, a new attempt, and a new day.


  1. Bravo to you for bringing poetry to these fifth graders!


  2. Oh, I love, love, LOVE teaching Poetry: especially the non-rhyming kind.

  3. That's what I love about teaching...is that every day is a brand new one...Believe in them...it'll happen!!!

  4. Sounds like a feast is about to begin. Everyone is salivating Lynnette.
    You Rock!

  5. I love teaching poetry, which is funny because I've always been self-conscious about 'getting' poetry. I absolutely love your student's definition of poetry. It's perfect.