Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conversations With a Writing Partner

On Friday, my afternoon class and I were looking at Antwone Fischer's poems as mentor text to write a poem that day. We talked about the significance of the repetitive line in the poem. I hadn't written my poem yet and I brainstormed from my heart topics that we had done earlier that day. "Ms. Snow, I think you should write about being a mother. You talk alot about that," said D. He and I talked for a couple of more minutes about the "meaning" for my poem. The first repetitive line he gave me~"Who thought being a mother could be so hard." As a result of us conferring the poem below bloomed.


Mothers are fearless,
They never doubt,
What do I do for her?
Tiny hands, tiny feet,
Will I be a good mother?

Mothers know the answers,
They never doubt.
Will I know what to do when she is sick?
Wheezing, fevers at midnight,
Am I a good mother?

Mothers are all knowing,
They never doubt.
What will I say when she is asked out for her first date?
First kisses, first heartbreaks,
Am I a good mother?

Questions aren't always answered,
Mistakes are made,
Listening to your heart,
Trusting your child,

I am a mother.


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