Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slice of Life~Conferring With Writers~

Today as I conferred with my writer's I found myself asking more and more "What would you like for me to specifically look for?" because IT has happened. My students have become more and more independent in their writing and no longer need to me to tell them what to "fix." They instinctively know. Today as I enjoyed my little conferring corner, I listened to the words of my students. All the memoirs are different, but one thing was constant~their words had meaning. After school I reflected in the Writing Professional Community, I began to mourn the fact that now my room of confident, independent writers will continue their journey with another teacher. Isn't that selfish? In my heart I know in 28 days they will move onto someone who will take them even farther than I probably could. As quickly as this feeling approached another takes its place. My throat catches in a slight gasp and my heart quickens at the thought of who awaits. Those who have never been on the writing journey that we take await. The door that they are behind is one of anticipation~where will they take me on the writing journey? And of course the mourning is short lived and replaced with the thought of what is to come.


  1. I remember Lynnelle and often I didn't feel so confident that they going on to something as good or better. And yes, I loved like you, being part of the process. Clean slate in September, but you know, they don't forget, they just need like to look back as they create their history.

  2. What a lovely Slice. Thanks for sharing this... it made me smile.

  3. My comment posted too quickly.

    What I meant to say is that it made me smile and made me shed a tear too. I know that feeling. They grow up and leave us so fast!