Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A few slices of summer

Today as I was wishing Emma would stay in her bed I began to think of all the funny things that have happened this summer that I haven't blogged. So here are a few...

*We purchased a sand box for Emma and Gracie and they absolutely love it. Last week my parents were here for dinner and since it was only 95 degrees outside instead of 110 we went to play. Emma took her Papa by the hand and opened the door. "Hey, Papa, It's my beach!!" She yelled. Sure enough if you looked closely through a 5 year olds imagination you could see the steaming, soft sand and the hear the ocean waves (or in this case elmo splash pad). I love having children. It reminds me to see things through different lenses.

*Yesterday we went to the zoo. I packed the strollers, backpack and sippy cups and off we went. On the way there Emma began to sing. "Ha Bee, Ha Bee, Nana." I giggled. "Are you still singing Happy Birthday to your Nana, Emma?" I asked. "Yep!" she replied. "Ha Bee, Ha Bee, Nana. Zoo!! Zoo!!" Priceless moments like these will be cherished for a life time.

*Each day we could tell many Grace LeEva stories, but this one was just as cute as can be. We went by the tiger exhibit and I told Gracie what they were. "Mommy, BIG CATS!! meow!" I laughed out loud and the man next me drawled, "Yea, honey, but there a little big to keep indoors!" "Tank-too" She replied.

*Gracie recently switched from her crib to a toddler bed. I thought we would have the same battles as with Emma but I was wrong. She won't crawl in, but she lays down after you put her in it, pulls her blankie up on her head says, "Tank-Too, Night-night" and goes to sleep. Bliss!

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