Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memoir Monday-Back to School

Beginning of the school year. New clothes. Paper. Mechanical pencils versus Ticonderoga #2s. The excitement of a new era. The annual getting our clothes for school shopping day. All the colors of the 80s-purple was my favorite. I have to admit in my own future 5th grader eyes--I was stylin'. Long blonde hair. Tall. Purple slacks. Striped shirt with lilacs and lavenders. I had to wear it. Even though school was two days away. I had to show my friends next door. So I snuck out of the house and road my bike over to their house. Except there must have been a rock. Something that made me wreck my bike. Skinned up knees. And ruined my new clothes. Devastation. Utter embarrassment. Mom wouldn't buy me new slacks. Instead she covered the holes with patches. Now granted they were "cool" patches, but patches nonetheless. What will the 5th graders think now? Well, I guess it could be a conversation starter.


  1. What a memory. I love the way you have used few words but painted such a visual picture of that outfit for me.

  2. I like the short sentences and fragments. The varied sentence lengths really drew me in.

  3. I feel your pain. My mom would have totally sewn patches on my pants and then every time I wore them she would remind me that I had ruined them.

    I bought my new day plan book the other day, and I am starting to think about what to write in it!