Monday, March 1, 2010

Slice of Life Day1~Relieved Headache

It seems like there have been several storms brewing in our kingdom and today it hit! I received a noticed from Paypal that I had renewed a subscription. Never did I receive an email about, so I quickly sent an email explaining the circumstances. All the while thinking I will never see that money again; it evaporated into Cyber space. I sent the email 6 hours ago and I just heard the nice ding from my laptop that I had mail and sitting there in my beloved inbox. REFUND established! Yea! Thank you cyber glad my money is back safe and sound and ready to be spent on doctor bills!!


  1. Hurray for that refund! I recently had something similar happen to me -- two definitely-not-mine charges on my credit card -- and just today received a letter from the card company saying their investigation was complete and that my money had been refunded! Must be the day for it!

    Looking forward to catching up with you this month, Lynelle!

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