Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SOLC-Right Now

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Right Now...

Right now I am thankful my girls are healthy.

Right now I am anxiously awaiting the new 5th graders to walk through my classroom door.

Right now I wish I could hold my parents in my arms and say all is well.

Right now I am happy that my parents are always near by and we will get through this trial.

Right now my family is remembering the life of my cousin as the one year anniversary of her death approaches.

Right now I am trying to be courageous and allow my children to leave the state with their dad without me.

Right now my body is healed.

Right now my heart has mixed emotions of happy, sadness, love, and excitement.

Right now I hope to live my life as if right now may end tomorrow.


  1. Hi this is a great post. Love reading positive blogs, especially this one it is great to be thankful and appreciate every moment. I think we all feel like you in a way with mixed emotions of fear and happiness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.