Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Strategic Mini-lessons

Today students responded to a simple statement by writing their name where they felt they belonged. They had two choices: I have written at least 1 story to support each topic sentence and I am still writing stories to support each topic sentence. Yesterday's lesson was on revising so I sent the first group to continue and I will confer with them tomorrow. The second group continued working on the importance of writing specific stories to support our topic sentences. I was able to confer with all 12 of the students in the morning group. In the afternoon, I was only able to confer with six of my kids, but was able to reteach the importance of specific stories to support our topic sentences.

Tomorrow we will have a whole group lesson involving using other sources to gain examples to support our topic sentences!

Love Lucy's Units of Study. I just found out today that one of Lucy's developers is coming to our site at our professional day on Feb. 16. I am so excited. After seeing Lucy in November and in my second year of the Units of Study...I can't wait to see what other exciting things they have to offer.

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