Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge: Letter to my future self

I borrowed the idea from Stacey to write a letter to my future self. My students did the same. Not sure it is actually a slice of life, but here goes.


Dear Lynnelle,

What a day in history! It is exciting, hopeful, and awe-inspiring. Today is the inaugural of our 44th president-Our 1st African American President, Pres. Barack H. Obama. To think forty years ago, Dr. King marched on the lawn of capitol hill extolling his "dream from the American dream." He and MANY others who fought for equality were able to see a multi-racial democracy grow today. To be a witness to the sea of people, to the sea of colors-All races coming together to form a truly United States of America. How life changing one year can be for a people, for a nation, and for me.

This last year I may not have become the most powerful person in the US, but I have conquered my fears. I have stood alone and stayed strong. I have realized at 30 life isn't over because a marriage ended, but that my family still remains intact. It is not the end. I have just begun.

In 2010, I know life will be different from today, but I stand behind the ideals for my life that have kept me strong and will continue to give me the strength to be the best me.

CHERISH yesterday
LIVE today
DREAM tomorrow

Take care,

Lynnelle S.


  1. Wow.
    Do you think I should post the letter I wrote to my future self (and opened today)?

  2. Oh, absolutely!! I would love to read it!! I think this exercise was awesome. We had a great class discussion.., it started with "I wonder what Pres. Obama's letter would say from a year ago today?"