Monday, February 16, 2009

Brain Overload

Today our school had an opportunity to listen to Constance Foland a literacy consultant in New York and New Jersey schools. It was magnificent. Invigorating. Listening to her, I felt as if I needed to holler "amen!" every now and then. It was extremely affirming that the practices I have implemented in the last 4 years are exactly what is best for kids. However, I also left with ways to improve upon my current workshop practices. I loved the conferring and assessing session. I feel this is my area of weakness even though it has improved from last year. I love that we were able to look at a piece of real text by children authors and discuss what we would do if we were conferring with the writer. It created insight and the realization that even as teachers we see the piece through different lenses. I began to wonder do I only use one lens or do I make sure the way I look at my student's work is balanced? I left with Ponderings...when you leave with these you know it was a good professional development day

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