Sunday, February 15, 2009

Memoir Monday~Solo Entrance

The sounds of the orchestra echoed in the church as Dr. Alexander moved his arms majestically. As he directed the orchestra and the choir, the sounds of Handel’s Messiah flowed in and out like waves on the ocean. It was time for the sopranos to make their grand entrance on “Gloria.” I opened my mouth, took a deep breath and sang the high G with all my might! Oh, no! I can’t believe I miscounted and came in 2 measures too early. As I looked around at the sea of sopranos, the horror on their faces was echoed on mine. I could feel the heat rise from the bottoms of my feet to the tip of my ears, but that didn’t compare to the icy stare of the conductor. I can’t believe I missed an entrance in front of these people. Hopefully, no one will notice.
After the performance, my friend Nathan came up to me and said with a wink, “Hey Lynnelle, nice solo!” I tried to laugh it off, but deep down I was dying of embarrassment of my not so grand moment.


  1. I am feeling your memory. I loved playing the band and singing in the chorus and I can just imagine your moment...

  2. What a fabulous story! We all have those embarrassing moments that we wish we could forget. I feel your pain.

  3. That's totally happened to me! SS

  4. Exquisite...and yes this has happened to me as well. I tell ya, I'm not a quiet singer either...