Monday, February 9, 2009

Slice of Life Challenge~Tulips

As I gaze at the tulip I am reminded of my journey to Holland. This journey is somewhat like the seasons where you go through the dreary difficult winter days only to be surprised by the beautiful daffodils and tulips that arrive just as Spring begins and everything becomes new again. I will admit that I am not a fan of the cold, dreary winters, and when I see the bloom of the smiling tulip my heart is lifted for I know what comes next. The smell of fresh cut grass, the way the sky looks brilliantly blue after a night of Oklahoma thunder storms, and the looks on my children’s faces as they swing high into the air. My journey in Holland has made life move at a little smaller pace, but I think that allows me to stop and remind myself that life doesn’t have to be fast as if I were running a race, but to live life at my pace. Tulips…a simple flower, but has so many meanings for me.

PS I took the picture this afternoon with my new Digital Rebel..not bad for a newbie!


  1. Your picture is beautiful. I feel the same way, clinging to any small bit of beauty that the Spring is ready to deliver after a long winter.

  2. Lovely picture.
    "live life at my pace"---I love that line.
    I hope spring comes soon!

  3. These are my favorite flowers, though I'm partial to white.

  4. Great photo for a newbie and it will only get better as you move to pro status.