Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Challenge #10~Worries~

I need this day to fly by. I need today to go quickly. I need to get to MY child's IEP. The is dragging on. Hour by hour the clock creeps. It's as if it is saying, "Ha, ha! I know you are worrying...so I will slooow doown."

It's true. I've never denied being a worry wart. But this is about my child. MY CHILD. Will they see all the progress she has made? Or will it be all that she can't do? Are these fears because I'm really in denial? I know my child has a cognitive impairment, and I despise those that feel because I choose to focus on her CAN DO'S that I am in denial. So for now...all I have are worries. Perhaps it is more a protective instinct. The mother bear protecting her young cub. Protecting her from those that can't see past her extra chromosome. Maybe it's just anticipating the unknown. Maybe.....


  1. Lynelle,
    I feel for you. As educators we wear objective hats. Thanks for sharing your very personal point of view with us. How did the meeting go?

  2. There is nothing stronger than a mother's love. I always try to remember that when talking to parents. I hope all went well.

  3. I hope time picked up the pace a little and let you get through to your appointment! I can feel how worried you are and your caring and concern for your daughter. I hope the meeting went well.

  4. I hope you never have to apologize for focusing on the can-do's.

  5. IEPs can be so negative. When I was a special ed. teacher, I always made sure to start the meeting with what the child CAN DO and then suggest some ideas on how to use the child's strengths to address some needs. We all have our strengths and weaknesses! I hope the meeting went well. You are a wonderful parent!