Monday, March 9, 2009

Challenge #9~Sighting Spring~

Zooming back from a quick run to the store, I pulled into the driveway. I noticed a small peek-a-boo of a yellow flower close to the brick of the house. My forsythia is blooming! I thought. Oh, spring is so near. I quickly parked the car, put up the groceries and grabbed my camera. All I could think was I must capture these flowers. Capture this moment. As I tried different angles to capture the perfect picture of the one bloom…I realized that my fuchsia blooms on the plum bush were just as gorgeous.

Really what I wanted was to capture the arrival of spring…it didn’t matter if the photo was perfect. What did matter? I ignored the busyness of the evening, and actually stopped to look at Spring. As I began to take pictures of the blooms, I quickly grabbed the garden angel and plopped her in the middle of them. When I snapped the next shot, I realized that was it. I had done it. Spring for me has started. It doesn’t matter that it is going to be 40 degrees in two days or that the dead leaves still haven’t been cleaned out of my flowerbeds…that doesn’t stop Spring. Nothing can. She has finally arrived.


  1. It's here...peeking out! Finally!

  2. I love your picture. I think we need to all learn to stop and enjoy the beauty around us.

  3. I love that you set aside all the work that needed doing and took your pictures. Every time one of the slicers writes something like that it strikes me just how much I don't give myself the gift of time in that way. I need to take a lesson from all of you!