Monday, March 16, 2009

Challenge #16~All it takes is one moment~

As I walked slowly from my car to the surgery waiting room,my mind filled with thoughts of what if? What if she doesn't make it? What if they couldn't fix it? But, my mind was not expecting the what if we heard. Maw Jean's knee replacement has been long coming. Her pain has been very debilitating. It is hard to watch a loved one in pain, even when they are older than you. We waited. One hour. Two hours. Three hours. I watched as the scrub nurse walked toward us. She explained that while Jean was doing well, it was taking longer than they thought. Four hours after the replacement surgery began we got the report from the doctor. Something is wrong with the bone. They were able to finally build a replacement knee, but the bone kept breaking. I know we were all hearing the unspoken words in the room~cancer. But, not one person uttered it. All it takes is one moment to cause your life journey to change focus. Now we wait again. Days this time, not hours. Days to find out if it's cancer.


  1. I imagine it was hard to write this post but these are the times when writing it down can be a comfort and a source of strength. You will be in my thoughts in this time of waiting.

  2. So good that you were able to write this. I totally agree with Juliann on this one. We are thinking about you, Lynnelle