Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Challenge #17~I'm as bad as my kids~

Patience is not exactly a virtue when I am excited about something to happen or a package to arrive. However, this time I didn't log on to UPS to track the package each day or each hour. :-) Instead I waited until I could wait no longer. After the girls and I woke up from our 2 hour nap (thank you for letting them sleep during Spring Break), I got online to view the delivery window. One precious word lit the screen in blue: DELIVERED. I quickly ran to the front door and there it was my package. I brought it inside and ripped the tape with scissors. Then I opened the box and my brand new mary jane ballet slippers were inside. What a rush! I swear I am just as silly about getting new things as my own kids are.


  1. It's always fun to get packages-- cute shoes!

  2. I love getting packages! Yesterday it was two professional texts:-)