Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Challenge #5~Who Am I?~

As I worked with my students on their "remembering who you are" poems. I realized mine needed some serious updating. I really had to start all over because my other Who Am I was written 8 years ago. My how life and dreams change over time.

Who Am I?
I am my big, pink cheeks and my boisterous laugh,
I am my “seriously” followed by a knowing and forgiving smile,
I am my small moments cherished in my heart,
I am filled with stories.

I have turned 30 and survived,
I have gone from manis and pedis to burp rags and poopy diapers,
I have achieved my greatest gift to the world~my children.

I am a real person who hides my sad times,
I am a person who celebrates the little things,
I am a person whose heart has cracks, but still believes time will heal.

I have traveled unexpected journeys,
I have conquered my fears,
I have accepted life’s path,

I am my own.

I am me.



  1. What a great poem. Being a mother really does change you who are, in some ways. I'm realizing that quickly!

  2. Lovely poem, Lynnelle! Would you mind sharing the activity you do with your students that leads up to that poem? You could email me if you like: girlgriot | at | Thanks!

  3. It is amazing how your perspective changes as you age. I am thinking I need to update my "Who Am I" poem.

  4. Great poem! I believe life is about change, and mine has gone through many.

  5. That is a great poem! I was having a similar problem as I am working on "Where I'm From" poems (George Ella Lyons) and I am from so many places that I feel the poem will last for 5 pages! Did you tell your students that you had to re-write it b/c you were a changed person?

  6. Yes, I did talk with them about it. I actually connected it to our current SS unit: Historical Documents. I led with remember how we learned the Articles of Confederation wasn't working and the states came together to revise it to make it better and instead they started all over...well I did the same with my Who Am I poem. Then I shared my blog post. Thanks for all the positive comments!!