Friday, March 6, 2009

Challenge #6~Words of Wisdom~

Conferencing. Why is that I can conference with a child and not be nervous and know exactly what to say, but get a bunch of adults around me and I feel like a bumbling fool?

"Good evening. Welcome to our room!" I said as one of my students walked in with his mother and grandfather.

"I am so glad you came back," I announced to the grandfather.

"I wanted to see how he had improved," replied the grandfather of his grandson.

"Well, why don't you sit down. He will get his items to show you."

Wow! I thought. I can't believe his grandfather came back. He had attended his last conference because my student's parents were out of town. I quickly left them to help another student get his family situated for their student led conference.

"Excuse me young lady. May I speak with you? " the grandfather asked.

"Absolutely!" I walked over to them.Thrilled to be called young lady!

"I am quite impressed," he stated, "I have been listening and reviewing my grandson's writing and kudos to you for not giving into the demands of testing and diagramming sentences and filling entire workbooks of grammar pages."

I know my face must have been in shock because he began to chuckle. Then he smiled, folded his arms as he leaned back in the student chair and said, "I am a retired English professor and I wish my students could have come to me writing like this. You have done what many cannot do...create a class full of writers."

I quickly thanked him for his kind words and began to talk with him about the journey of writing and how important it is. I could have talked with him all day about writing, but I knew the student had worked hard at preparing his work to show and discuss with his family.

It is moments like these that make the long day rewarding. To him I say bless you.


  1. What a wonderful compliment! You deserve it, so relish in it for awhile.

  2. Oh that's great, what a wonderfully gratifying slice.